Join AIP Made Simple, a transformative 6-week program that will reverse your symptoms
by changing your diet and lifestyle

Are you living with autoimmune
pain and fatigue?

So many people don't know how you feel, but I do.

• You're struggling with pain all the time.
• Getting out of bed feels like carrying a boulder up a mountain.
Keeping up with your work and your family seems like an impossible task.
• Doctors can't figure out how to help you.
I totally get it.
I've been there.
I bet you've tried a lot of things and they haven't worked.
You feel like giving up.

But what is life didn't have to be this way?

What if...

You were able to run around with your kids?
You didn't wake up with pain every day?
You got to participate in fun activities again?
You got to enjoy life a little more?
You felt your age instead of twice your age?

It is TOTALLY possible.

One morning I woke up with severe pain in both my feet and ankles. My wrists ached and tingle, and my finders and hands were very stiff. I could barely walk or move my hands. I was hunched over holding on to furniture just to get around. And I wasn't even 40 yet.

For months I was in so much pain that I could barely take care of my kids, much less play with them. I was so exhausted that I could barely make it through the day. I was terrified that this might be my reality for the rest of my life.

When doctors were unable to provide a diagnosis, I decided to take control of my own health by changing my diet and lifestyle using the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).

In just over three weeks, I was able to completely reverse my symptoms. The excruciating joint pain subsided, I had energy to play with my kids, and the weight started to melt away.

This is what I want for YOU.

You are why I created AIP Made Simple. I know that trying to do it alone often leads to us just feeling bad about ourselves, to giving up, to never seeing an end to the pain.

I REFUSE to let that happen to you.

If you're like me, I'm guessing you already know that you need to do something about the pain, but you're probably:

• Too exhausted to figure out what you need to be doing, so you keep on struggling through
• Too overwhelmed to figure out what to eat, so you just grab whatever is around
In too much pain to put too much energy into making changes

Good news!

Your days of sleepwalking through life are over.

You're going to learn what changes to make to lessen your joint pain, gain energy and mental clarity, and start losing the weight--in just a few weeks!

I will share with you exactly what I did so that you don't have to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, or alone in the process.

"In just six weeks, I’ve lost 12 pounds, have less inflammation, am sleeping better, and have no headaches—which is amazing!"

Tina Page-Gomez

AIP Made Simple

This program will guide you step-by-step through prepping for AIP, keep you thriving during the elimination phase, and help you successfully reintroduce food so that AIP you can potentially change your life like it has mine...maybe even better!

That's what I want for you.

I'm giving you everything you need to:

thrive during the first 30 days of AIP and beyond...
to feel the best that you have felt in a long time...
and set you up to continue so that this becomes a lifestyle, not a fad.

If this sounds good to you,
grab your spot here:

Daily support

6 weeks of daily videos sent right to your email inbox so you never feel alone, you always know what's coming next, and you actually make it happen

Meals made simple

AIP Meal Plan with simple and delicious recipes and a shopping list so you never have to figure out what you should be eating

Get your loved ones on board

Support from your family AND an active social life is possible - and I'll show you how!

Keep it simple

With the official AIP Getting Started Guide, AIP Meal Plan, Shopping List, and AIP Food List, you will always know exactly what to do and eat

Community & Connection

You'll never feel alone during this transformative process when others are cheering you on!

This isn't your average health program...

I'm handing you the proven system that will give you freedom from autoimmune pain and fatigue...a program that can change your life.

No fluff. All resources.
Full support.

You WON'T be watching endless training videos about the science behind AIP—feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.
If you stick with it and are serious about achieving results, you are going to see a difference in your health by the end of the program.
You WON'T feel alone or ignored or confused about what to do next or why you're feeling the way that you do. In this program, you will have me with you EVERY day and EVERY step of the way!

This program is based on my real-world experience using this exact process to get rid of the pain, lose weight, and gain more energy. If you stick with it and are serious about achieving results, you will be feeling so much better soon.

That said, if you decide within 30 days of enrolling that you are unsatisfied with AIP Made Simple for whatever reason, I will refund your entire investment. Simply email me pictures of some of your AIP meals to show your commitment to the program and you'll receive a full refund.

Why do I ask for pictures?
Because I'm committed to your success. I want you to get life-changing results, and I don't want you to just give up when it gets hard or the cravings kick in.

If you give it everything you've got for 30 days and you still don't feel like AIP Made Simple is worth it, I totally understand. I'm cool with you walking away as long as you've given it your best shot.

Join today and start feeling like YOU again


Why am I so passionate about helping women with autoimmune conditions?

Because I’m one of you! I know how scary it is to suffer from pain that you can’t explain, to have a body that attacks itself, and to not know where to turn and or have anyone who truly understands.

Hi, I'm Laura Morrow, founder of Simply AIP. When my doctor strongly suggested that I start AIP, the number of foods that were restricted was quite overwhelming to me. I thought, “If only someone would just show me what to do, life would be so much simpler!”

So I decided that it was up to me to create what I had been searching for. The mission of Simply AIP is to help make life simpler for other women living with an autoimmune condition so that they can focus on healing.

What others say about AIP Made Simple:

"This course gave me the needed support to keep going with AIP. If you are thinking about starting this program, it’s a good investment and your health is worth it! I was able to stick with AIP throughout the entire six weeks, and I am in the process of reintroducing my first foods."

Martha Nunley

"Laura led such a great AIP group. I learned so much about living a cleaner, nutrient dense life, and the daily videos really helped with accountability. I really think AIP is a good fit for me, and I’m so glad I found Laura and this group to help me not feel alone during this discovery process!"

Shannon Felice
AIP Made Simple is for you if:
You're too overwhelmed to figure out what changes you need to make in order to feel better

You're trying your best to be healthy, but when you're exhausted you often give into your cravings

You're tried AIP before but it was too hard to stick with it on your own

You're willing to support others in our online community. We are better together!

You're ready to get your life back!

Here's everything you will receive when you enroll in AIP Made Simple:

The complete AIP Made Simple System featuring 6 weeks of daily videos

The AIP Getting Started Guide with step-by-step plans & detailed checklists to keep you on track

The AIP Meal Plan, complete with simple and delicious recipes, shopping list, and AIP food list

It's time to make a change.

Are you ready for relief from the pain?
Are you ready for more energy and mental clarity?
Are you ready to shed the weight?

Are you ready to get your life back?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to love to cook to do AIP?

Absolutely not! Anyone will tell you that cooking is not my favorite thing in the world to do. That's why I've made and selected recipes that are easy to recreate with the least amount of ingredients possible so that you can feel empowered—not stressed—when you're in the kitchen.

Is AIP expensive to maintain?

Plenty of people worry about having to spend their whole paycheck at Whole Foods when it comes to doing AIP. Let me tell you: You can do AIP on a budget! I'll show you exactly how to shop efficiently and economically when picking AIP-approved foods so that you can be successful on this journey.

What if this doesn't work?

I get this question a lot, and I get the concern! But if this is a question you're struggling with, I want to ask you this: What if it does work? What if the worst thing that happened by joining AIP Made Simple was that you were really healthy for a few weeks? What if you got more energy to run after your kids or pursue your passions? What if getting started meant that you got freedom from pain and brain fog and all the other unpleasant symptoms you've been dealing with? What if it did work?

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